• Bully: Questions. Answers.

    Bully: Questions. Answers.

    I have been asked numerous questions about my novel, from very personal to technical and thought that it may be worth posting about my experiences. 1. Is this book semi-autobiographical? This is my first book. I think a lot of writers start learning by taking lived experiences and writing about them. I did experience workplace… Continue reading

  • The Queen of the Night: What Women Wear For Astro Photography

    The Queen of the Night: What Women Wear For Astro Photography

    Let’s face it. I am both a Queen and an Adventurer. On the one hand, I am a huge fan of bathhouses, getting buttered up and exfoliated, lying in a pool of bubbling, aromatic waters as my skin softens up and my mind relaxes. I like to smell nice. To dress nice. I embroider. I… Continue reading

  • Can Anybody Hear Me?

    Can Anybody Hear Me?

    “Can anybody hear me?” I turn and peer into the darkness, My mind a little weary. The altitude kaleidoscopes the chorus Of a formless song. Sing, “I’m here. I’m here.” The volcanic light beneath my feet, Erupting smoke pirouettes over me. A gentle hand, a stroke across the cheek. “Mother? Is that you?” Succumbed to… Continue reading

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    I am currently a Juris Doctor student with a masters degree in human rights law. I work as a project leader on various projects for the federal government focusing on human rights, including sexual harassment and sex discrimination, child safety, and Indigenous rights. I am also a new author, writing my first novel to be… Continue reading

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I am an aspiring writer and photographer, particularly nightscape, landscape and astrophotography. I am also a passionate human rights advocate, especially for women and children.

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