It’s all just a game for him.

A zero-sum game. A game of power. By spreading rumours about me. By convincing people to take his side. By frightening and intimidating me, and making me doubt my own sanity.

Power, by forcing me to silence.

I’m not a person to him, not a woman, just a thing for his own amusement. How dare I refuse to surrender my body to him, to not feel privileged to be another trophy in his private collection. He had to win this game to prove I was beneath him, and with each cruel comment it felt like one rusty needle after another being pierced into my heart, until I couldn’t feel anymore. Until I started to think that maybe he’s right.

Maybe the world would be better off without me.


Bully is a story of a woman who experiences workplace bullying, and who tries to navigate the world of forgiveness for a man who holds no remorse. As the story weaves through her heartbreaking experiences – both past and present – she tries to find the answer of how she can let the past go and save herself from the effects of his reckless behaviour.

The answer she is looking for is not the one she expects.

About Me

I am an aspiring writer and photographer, particularly nightscape, landscape and astrophotography. I am also a passionate human rights advocate, especially for women and children.

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